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Year of the Wood Sheep… balance, families, nature, nurture..

The New moon and start of a new Chinese Year is occurring over the next few days. After the year of the horse galloping ahead and testing us in our individual soul searching, we can now slow down and enjoy the more yin feminine energy with the Year of the wood sheep/goat as it’s also known. Phew!

The slower moving and deliberate Sheep is a community minded animal and has more of a group consciousness focused on serving the greater good. [1] Yah!

wooden sheep

We are in an extraordinary time of transition in human consciousness shifting to higher group awareness and seeing as a whole rather than separate and alone.

It’s all about community, the environment, learning to open our hearts more to love.. I don’t about you but I have been craving more community and love and hugs!

It’s about finding more balance and time for meditation, yoga and nature and creativity. And less time on our phones and computers.

It’s a good time for spending time with friends and family and reconciliation. Yah! enjoy!!

However be kind during the transition as the shift and adjusting can stir up some major confusing and chaotic energies out in the world as well as our inner lives.

Use meditation and yoga and other practices to stay strong in your centre, solid in our purpose and platform. I know I certainly have felt a little all over the place over the last week.

Old patterns have been resurfacing to almost make us reflect on what we don’t want to take with us into the future, of letting go of patterns and relationships that are no longer our deepest desires, to help us to be more open on our path to manifesting what we want. Enjoy the ride! 🙂

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2 Mystic Mamma

2015: Year of the Wood Sheep : Meaning and Significance~

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