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Yoga retreats provide us with a beautiful opportunity to connect more deeply within and to take a break from our lives to recharge. Amidst nature, the sound of the ocean and the birds, you can really switch off and reset.

I have a few yoga retreats coming up over the next 6 or so months ranging from a weekend Ocean yoga retreat on the south coast to a Byron week in paradise in Sep 2024, surrounded by palm trees, ocean and coconuts! 

I am also looking into a Yoga, Breathwork & Freediving in Sep/ Oct 2024!

Please see below for more details below about what’s included and how to secure a spot. Any further questions, please email me on

Namaste! 🙂

What students are saying….

“THANK YOU for being an absolutely incredible host, teacher, guide. Honestly the retreat was beyond my expectations, I’m so so glad I came with you. It was magic 💫 so grateful to you!  Sending love 💕💕💕”FD

“Loved the quiet early mornings on retreat starting with meditation, swimming at sunrise, strong practice and delicious breakfast – the best way to start a day.”MK

“Loved the sequencing and the links to the different chakras was great. I haven’t had classes like that in Australia since my training so I was so happy.  The meditation had a good balance of guidance as well as time to explore in silence.”MK

“A fantastic experience with like-minded people and excellent guidance”RM



“Totally incredible! It was an incredible balance of yoga, breathwork, activities, and free time. I learnt so much about the chakras and loved learning more about breathwork.” FD

“Just that you are amazing at what you do! The retreat was better than I imagined – totally exceeded my expectations! Also, I loved that there was only a small group of us and I feel we all connected on so many levels because it was small and intimate. I really appreciate all your effort and everything you out into the retreat so thank you SO much!” Fran
“The accommodation was 10/10 everyone was super friendly and helpful.” Fm

“Challenging, Awakening and Positive” Kb

“OMG I was so grateful so have someone with so much skill and talent to lead a group on a journey that you sometimes don’t even know you are on.  There were so many different options and changes daily – it was so gooooood” Kt

“You’re amazing and such a wonderful facilitator.  It’s so clear how you share your wisdom and passion for what you love”


Bali Chakra Healing Yoga Retreat
24-30th September 2024

Enjoy a tropical Bali retreat and deepen your yoga practice & journey through the chakras for healing & transformation.

Reset your nervous system with rebirthing breathwork & sound healing, and open your heart with cacao and movement and nourishing food.

Ocean Dreaming Surf Yoga Retreat
12-14th April 2024

Immerse yourself into the ocean air for a weekend of yoga, breathwork, meditation on the south coast.

There will be optional surfing and beach side accommodation with ocean views and yummy, naturopath-inspired plant based meals.

Freediving, Yoga & Breathwork
More info to come! Oct 2024

Come to paradise for a retreat to take time out for yourself and connect back to your heart and what is important to you with yoga & powerful breathwork!

At the same time, learn to freedive! Connect to the ocean and transform your fears learning to hold your breath and connect to the beauty beneath the surface of the ocean!