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Yoga is a traditional art that has been practised for thousands of years to relieve stress, expel negative energy, detoxify & nourish organs, improve the function of the nervous system and enhance wisdom, fitness and flexibility.

I have experience in practising Hatha Vinyasa, Jivamukti Yoga and Ashtanga together with Zen Qi Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Quantum (Ayurvedic) Yoga.

I have strongly influenced by Clive Sheridan, incorporating meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) into my yoga classes.

I have been teaching yoga for 9 years and love to incorporate pranayama and meditation to deepen the practice.

I teach Hatha vinyasa flow and yin yoga, using modifications to allow all levels to access the practice.


My style is compassionate and I love to weave in the ancient teachings to help students to incorporate yoga into their lives on and off the mat, also blending my love of energies, chakras and Ayurvedic wisdom to enhance the practice.


Yoga Schedule

I teach at a variety of yoga studios in the Eastern Suburbs. You can find out more about my yoga schedule and locations here.

Charity Yoga Classes

I love to show gratitude and give back by teaching yoga for A Sound Life charity, bringing the beautiful offering to people less fortunate than ourselves, with mental health issues, disabilities or with addictions.

Holistic Yoga Coaching

As a naturopath & energy healer, I specialise in stress management and gut & adrenal issues and thus I love to combine my wisdom in all modalities to offer a holistic approach for mind, body & spirit. See more for my Holistic Yoga Coaching Packages.

Yoga Classes & Services

From Coconut Spice Bondi

Join Chrissie for a yoga class in the Eastern Suburbs as part of a local group, a yoga retreat or a private coach.

Yoga Coaching

Holistic coaching

Yoga Retreats

Local & overseas

Yoga Schedule

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Yoga Classes

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Thankyou for all the hard work you put into the meditation challenge. It was very special!



Chrissie is my favourite yoga teachers – who has inspired me to continue my practice for many years. Including her wonderful retreat in Bali! Bliss. Even the hardest classes leave you feeling relaxed



Chrissie holds such an incredible sunrise yoga class. By the ocean, her words of inner wisdom, her guided practice with the waves in the background completely soothes my soul. Throughout the class I feel present, grounded and empowered. I have never felt so in tune or aligned in life like I have after attending her classes. When I don’t attend her classes, I feel as though something is missing.

Chrissie’s Monday and Thursday sunrise yoga classes at Wileys are my favourite classes to attend. She is a beautiful soul