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Intuitive Massage/ BodyTalk /Reiki Energy Healing

I love combining my love for massage with energy healing. Intuitive bodywork is very powerful, helping to release physical tension as well as blocks at an emotional and energetic level as well.

My sessions can include mostly massage or a combination depending on the needs of the client and what intuitively comes up in each session.

Bodytalk & Reiki energy healing also combine really well with breathwork to drop people into their body so they are more open and receptive to the energy work.

Much of my own energy healing journey has been through the gift of energy healing, Bodytalk & kinesiology, as well as natural medicine.

Breathwork has also always been such a game changer for my nervous system and belief systems.

Adding these beautiful modalities to my toolbox is helping me to see much quicker results as I work on not just the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that are blocking optimum health as well as the energy body.  

Bodytalk helps your body to tap into its own vast information stores and healing capabilities. 

The body is an energetic being, thus blockages in that energy can contribute to illness and prevent your body from functioning well.

Breathwork really helps to reset the nervous system and allow you to feel safe to release trauma held deep within the physical body and mind. 

Coconut spice Reiki Bondi

Bodytalk/ Reiki Energy Healing 

Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the hidden causes of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors. BodyTalk is holistic, addressing the whole-person and their whole-story, using the entire context of their life to improve their health.

BodyTalk aims to identify and remove the conscious and unconscious energetic and emotional barriers to health and wellbeing by using a process of structured questioning and muscle checking.

Every choice, every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and mole has a unique story and a history.

It can help to remember and heal:

  • every infection you’ve ever had in the database of immune cells hanging out in your lymph nodes
  • every accident and scar that could be restricting your joint mobility today
  • every antibiotic you’ve ever taken and the havoc they’ve inflicted on your gut microbes
  • every emotional trauma and worry you have experienced
  • the sequences of your genes, which ones have errors in the DNA or which have been impacted by the fast-food diet of your teens
  • how to heal and shift each of these factors to promote a rejuvenated, balanced, aligned, and healthy you!

Bodytalk helps balance the consciousness within the body for a more harmonious bodymind.

When a person is unhealthy, it is because their innate wisdom is not able to adequately coordinate all the parts of the bodymind. Innate wisdom is tendency for self healing and self regulation within the bodymind.

Reiki Energy Healing

I love to use Reiki for a full energy balance and clearing of the chakras, our energy centres. I love using the chakras in my yoga classes. To connect to the elements and to feel these energy centres expand and release any old stagnant energies.

A reiki session is often lying down where I intuitively place my hands on / or above your body to release and balance any excess or deficient energies. Often I will balance all chakras, or certain ones if they are more imbalanced.

I can also focus on certain areas that need some healing or love.

I also love to combine Reiki with breathwork to really drop into the body first before your balance.

Reiki is also part of my group yoga classes, and it’s beautiful to help in my Breathwork sessions to help shift and release old trauma, unresolved emotions or stagnant energy held in our physical body.

Combined with bodywork, these tools offer a powerful holistic transformation.


To find out more, or to set up a free 15 minute chat to see if I can help you, please contact me below. 


Bodytalk/ Reiki:

Initial Massage/ Bodytalk /Reiki session 60-90 minutes $165

Follow up Massage/ Bodytalk / Reiki session 45-60 minutes $135

3 Package deal $399


Coconut Spice Health & Welnness

Thankyou for all the hard work you put into the meditation challenge. It was very special!



Chrissie is my favourite yoga teachers – who has inspired me to continue my practice for many years. Including her wonderful retreat in Bali! Bliss. Even the hardest classes leave you feeling relaxed



Chrissie holds such an incredible sunrise yoga class. By the ocean, her words of inner wisdom, her guided practice with the waves in the background completely soothes my soul. Throughout the class I feel present, grounded and empowered. I have never felt so in tune or aligned in life like I have after attending her classes. When I don’t attend her classes, I feel as though something is missing.

Chrissie’s Monday and Thursday sunrise yoga classes at Wileys are my favourite classes to attend. She is a beautiful soul



Amazing yoga teacher, felt so relaxed and stretched out afterwards. Chrissie is an experienced professional who creates a safe, nurturing environment in her yoga classes so you know you’re in good hands! Highly recommend

Laura – Coogee

Laura – Coogee