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Yoga, Breathwork & Free Diving Retreat
24th - 30th September 2024


Craving time out & connection with other like minded souls?

Feeling called to to recharge and rejuvenate and deepen your yoga & breathwork practice in nature?

Craving adventure and transcending limiting beliefs and fears to become a new version of yourself?

Come and join myself & Luciana in Bali for our Ascend Chakra Yoga, Breathwork & Free diving retreat.

Chrissie, Coconut Spice Yogi, & Luciana are hosting Ascend, a 7 day Chakra Yoga, Breathwork & Free diving retreat this September 2024!Β 

A retreat where the calming depths of freediving meet the spiritual heights of yoga. Join us on a mesmerising journey of self-discovery and inner peace, set against the backdrop of nature’s most serene landscapes.

What Awaits You at Ascend:

🌈 Chakra-Centric Yoga Sessions ~ Explore the power of your chakras through tailored yoga practices designed for all levels. Our sessions aim to harmonize your energy centers, enhancing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ Mindful Freediving Adventures ~ Experience the stillness of the ocean like never before. Freediving teaches you breath control, mental focus, and a profound connection with the underwater world.

πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Holistic Healing ~ Delve into workshops focusing on yogic healing techniques and chakra meditation, breathwork, cacao ceremony, sound healing, promoting balance, clarity, and healing from within.

πŸ’« Ascension & Personal Growth ~ Our retreat emphasises the concept of ascension – ascending through the water, in your yoga & breathwork practice and in your personal journey. Discover a higher state of consciousness and a renewed sense of purpose.


Your Path to Ascension:

Our video below captures the essence of Ascend. Witness the breathtaking interplay of yoga and freediving, and how they synergise to create a transformative experience. From serene sunrise yoga sessions to the meditative calm of the ocean depths, Ascend offers a unique opportunity to grow, heal, and discover your potential.

Allowing you the opportunity to deepen your yoga & breathwork practice & journey through the chakras for healing & transformation in paradise, by the ocean amongst palm trees.

ANDΒ learn how to free dive into the beautiful ocean, mastering our breath and transcending our fears & limited beliefs and getting out of our comfort zone!

Give yourself the luxury of escaping the busyness of day to day life and experience the healing & transformative energy of Bali and its culture on the untouched north of Bali at Gaia Oasis right on the ocean.







Chrissie is a yoga & meditation teacher, Rebirthing breathwork facilitator, Reiki master & Bodytalk energy healer, naturopath and Shamanic cacao ceremony facilitator and a mermaid, loving the ocean. 

Chrissie loves to take her students on a journey into the energy body and connect to feeling and healing through an embodied chakra yoga & meditation flow.

Loving the power of cacao & rebirthing breathwork to open our hearts and come back to the truth of who we are, Chrissie also offers group healing journeys and circles as well as 1:1 sessions and loves taking people on retreat to really dive deep. 

Breathwork can be amazing to reset our nervous systems and drop deep so we feel safe and held to release old limiting beliefs, trauma stuck in the body holding back from our true essence and shining our lights brightly!

Chrissie loves holding a safe space for her students working with the seen and unseen to create a safe container to feel supported on their journey and to be able to be vulnerable and drop deeper to connect back to themselves and their light. Her warmth and empathy creates a powerful healing presence.

Luciana Diving pic front cover 8apr24


Luciana, an avid sports and ocean enthusiast, is a certified yoga and SUP yoga teacher, breathwork instructor, Reiki master, and passionate freediving instructor. 

Her deepest passion lies in freediving, a discipline she practices daily to connect with the tranquil yet invigorating presence of the sea.

Luciana has now explored the ocean to more than 60 meters on one breath. 

Overcoming autoimmune diseases and personal fears through her practices, Luciana harnesses the transformative power of breath and movement. 

She is devoted to helping others surpass their own limitations, broaden their horizons, and heal both physically and emotionally. 

Luciana has so much wisdom of the ocean and freediving and offers her wisdom with patience, kindness and skill.


What's Included:

πŸ’ž Completely immersed in nature, staying in hand crafted twin share cottages with ensuite and outdoor showers amongst palm trees, with kitchenette & private deck, sleeping with the sounds of the ocean

πŸ’ž Greeting into Bali & transfers and a volcano view top lunch en route to the resort

πŸ’ž Traditional opening and closing ceremonies and dances and drinks/ canape's on arrival with musicians and Balinese dancers

πŸ’ž Chakra yoga flow, meditation & breathwork daily every morning

πŸ’ž Evening yin yoga, reiki & yoga nidra and sharing circles & ceremony to connect deeply with each other and know you're not alone in your struggles

πŸ’ž Water cleansing ceremony at the Balinese holy water temple

πŸ’ž A powerful, transformative rebirthing breathwork journey to release old trauma and come back home to our true essence

πŸ’ž All Free diving intuition, guidance, instruction and pool sessions, breath sessions & breath holds (gear available to hire)

πŸ’ž An intimate evening to reset our nervous systems with sound healing using crystal bowls, drums, chimes and a gong to shift deeply

πŸ’ž A special evening opening our heart chakra with a cacao ceremony and guided movement to connect to your feminine essence and shakti energy and shift stagnant energy

πŸ’ž The yoga shala is surrounded by trees and views of the ocean and we will have the option to practice outside by the ocean

πŸ’ž There will be yummy chakra inspired organic plant based meals fresh from their organic garden, for breakfast, lunch & dinner

πŸ’ž Afternoon tea, snacks, desserts also offered. Dietary requirements can be catered for.

πŸ’ž Filtered water, ginger & lemongrass teas & fruit is available all day

πŸ’ž Yoga and meditation equipment provided

πŸ’ž Special self love gift from Coconut Spice Retreats for you to enjoy

πŸ’ž Extra fresh brewed coffee, smoothies & coconuts and other drinks can be purchased at any extra cost

πŸ’ž Massages & scrubs are also available at their spa all day everyday for extremely reasonable and amazing pampering!

πŸ’ž Optional extra side trips: Walks to the volcanos, or nearby waterfalls, boats out for some dolphin spotting

bali pool


FULL PRICE: $2,999 
All included, twin share room & all yoga, freediving, meals 

EARLY BIRD UNTIL 30 JUNE 2024: $2,699 
All included, twin share room & all yoga, freediving, meals 

What’s Not Included:

πŸ™ Airfares to Bali ($700-800 return)

πŸ™ Travel Insurance

πŸ™ Additional spending money

πŸ™ Optional – Mt Batur sunrise volcano climb


Daily sample program:

06:30 – 08:00Β  Meditation/breathwork/ chakra yoga
08:00 – 08:30Β  Β Light breakfast
08.30 – 11:30Β  Free diving sessions
12.00 – 13:00Β Β Nourishing organic buffet lunch
13:00 – 16.00Β  Free time/ free diving workshops / massage
16:30 – 18:00Β  Yin/ breathwork & ice or special workshop
18:30 – 19:30Β  Locally sourced, organic buffet dinner
20:00 – 21:30Β  Free time/ meditation


bali testimonial
breathwork testimonial

Your yoga practice just calms my mind and even if I am stressed out or have a lot going on, I instantly feel better after practicing with you. Your careful alignment and sequencing has never left me with any injuries and strong ~ Kate


Bali was one of the most relaxing weeks I have ever had. Gaia Resort in Bali was just the most tranquil place ~ Jenny


Blissful, relaxing, rejuvenating and a great learning experience ~ Jenny


The accommodation was amazing. All you could ask for and more with views out to the ocean ~ Camille


The yoga was challenging yet not too hard. The meditation helped me to gain a new perspective and sense of calm ~ Sarah


The place was wonderful. Staff were excellent, helpful and friendly. The food was delicious and nutritious ~ Maree


I loved journeying through the chakras in the yoga. I am new to this so everything was informative. Chrissie put in so much work to each session ~ Jenny


I give Chrissie 10/10 for all her classes. She put amazing effort and energy into all classes, which were informative and mindful ~ Camille

Upcoming Retreats & Events

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Ocean Love Surf, Yoga & Breathwork Retreat
November 8-10th 2024

Immerse yourself into the ocean air for a weekend of yoga, meditation and optional surfing with ocean views and yummy, naturopath-inspired plant based meals.

Optional surfing or swimming & relaxation and massage!

Transform old beliefs with a powerful Cacao ceremony, rebirthing breathwork & sound healing Saturday evening before a nourishing dinner and an early night!

Ascend Bali Yoga, Breathwork & Freediving Retreat
24-30th September 2024

Are you feeling stressed out and need time out to recharge and rejuvenate in paradise?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, ascend your fears and transform into the highest version of yourself!

Combine passions of the ocean, freediving, yoga, breathwork & relaxation in paradise!

Who's in!!


Reset Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, Rebirthing Breathwork & Sound Bath! May 22nd 7-9pm

If you can't fit in a retreat, here is a perfect nourishing evening to drop deeper, connect in circle with other beautiful souls and reset your nervous system.

Transform old beliefs with a powerful Cacao ceremony, rebirthing breathwork & sound healing with the amazing Mia. Integration with grounding Evolva tea, nourishing snacks, shares & hugs to end the night!