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Scorpio Full Moon…allowing in the NEW

Feeling a little out of sorts and off balance. The Full Moon tomorrow is going to be a big one.. and it’s always pretty deep and dark when it’s in Scorpio.

full moon

But there are ways to make it easier and Mystic Mamma have some greats tips this month.

Change is on the way. It’s key to embrace the new and let go of the old ways of doing things. Forgiveness of the past is key!

“Don’t wait for things to ‘get back to normal’ because you may be waiting a long time.”

Try not to get caught up in negativity, regret, blame, Martyrdom, judgement, disappointment, or any attachment to past issues. Try a new way of dealing with things and think inspiration, priorities, and optimism.

Some great Mystic Mamma tips include:

– Be around beauty and nature as much as you can


– Laugh as much as possible

laughter ape cropped

– Be grateful every day helping you to stay present and positive

– Eliminate negative people and environments.

– Clean, clear and throw away whatever feels ‘old’.

– Choose a practice you can do every day that will keep your focus on the NEW

– Allow new and wonderful things into your life

– Watch for synchronicity and pay attention to what shows up

– Clean up your diet and eliminate bad habits

leafy greens 2

Full article is here:

The theme for May 2015 is A NEW ALIGNMENT~

Happy Full Scorpio Moon!

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