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A New Year Reset!

Happy New Year!

I hope you have a great 2016 and have set some big New Year’s intentions!

2016 going to be fearless soul busting etc

New Years are always good times to look back on the year prior and start afresh with things that weren’t working.

I was practising the other morning, and I had a clear message it was time for a RESET of my stories, my words, my thoughts and my actions. It’s time to do things differently!

Then I came across a Mystic Mamma’s article about January being all about RESET (link below). Wow! It really resonated with me so I had to share my thoughts with you. I feel it’s been hard times emotionally for a few people so I hope my sharing also resonates with you.

We all have a story and past hurts and baggage we are taking into our lives and relationships. It’s normal but in order to let go of some of our past fears, whether they are of rejection, abandonment, getting close, being alone…it’s necessary to look into the root of these fears, hurts, pain and to acknowledge them for a complete RESET.

This isn’t easy! It’s been a bit of tough year emotionally for me, feeling over sensitive, down at times, anxious and a little lonely. It was annoying as so many things were amazing in my life so at times I felt really ungrateful.

The hard times were intense, but mostly just coming in waves and then I was fine again. I knew deep down that it was all going to be ok and old stuff was just coming up to be processed. However, it was hard to not go back into the old story, but stay alert and just allow the layers of the onion to be peeled and feel into the emotions and let the tears flow and feel the loneliness, emptiness and darkness when they came. Ouch!

The inner work I am doing is necessary to realise what is blocking me to finding love and connection with my tribe and why I have been feeling so lonely. And it’s ok to get down at times and cry and be emotional and vulnerable and acknowledge past hurts and fears of abandonment and rejection from childhood (which I am not always good at!)

As Baron Baptiste says,

baron baptiste yoga til blue in face

So, are you ready to reset your patterns and take some action?

reflection of a choice

For example, I am really ready for a beautiful, conscious relationship but as Rumi said we need to look inside first and reset our patterns:

rumi seek love barriers

You can read the whole Mystic Mamma article here but parts that really resonated were that RESETS are necessary but not easy, so don’t feel alone when things get hard! We are in such a big time of transformation but we need to go through the dark to get to the light…

“Larger scale inner RESETS are often accompanied by intense experiences of some kind that threaten the ego and false personality and may even cause one to feel like you are going a little crazy or completely falling apart.

“Since completing a RESET requires a letting go as completely as possible of a container, pattern or attachment, it can be uncomfortable and can also bring up quite a bit of instinctive fear.

Phew… so I am not going completely mad! 🙂

The article also talks about finding your tribe and no longer having to feel alone with the focus this year more on community, Yah!

You will feel the pull towards being with members of your ‘tribe’ and ones with a similar philosophy and perception of life.

“This year’s influences are teaching us that we can no longer go about life insulated, isolated and alone. We are being magnetized towards right community and shown the power of co-creating our dreams when egos are set aside.

When I returned from the UK having seen my gorgeous family and friends and spent some time in Italy and Spain I felt so filled up and alive! As soon as I returned to Sydney I felt very lost, disconnected and homesick!

I seriously considered moving home as I felt so empty here. I had an energy balance and my healer told me that sometimes she feels people need to move away from their family and support network to overcome past hurts and feelings of abandonment.

Wow! This started to make sense and I realised my emotions and anxiety of getting close to people but then feeling isolated and alone were all part of the reset and the letting go. It’s no easy journey this becoming more conscious! More than a few times the saying ‘Ignorance is bliss’ would pop up into my head but I knew it was worth it!

As the mystic mamma article states:

“The days of being unconscious with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are over. It is time to focus on eliminating destructive patterns that will stand in the way of your spiritual evolution and to allow what is down the road to unfold in your life without needing to control or second-guess every step.”

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts in the last months, as again, I took on too much, not able to say no, and not standing to the boundaries I started to get better at creating. Having to move house again also destabilised me and by the holidays I was exhausted, emotional, anxious, snappy and soooo in need of a rest!

I was having panic attacks at being around big crowds and people I didn’t know very well as felt like I didn’t fit in or I wasn’t cool enough or loud enough… and making mountains out of mole hills at the thought of going to things alone when my close friends weren’t able to come with me.

I knew it was because I had pushed my adrenals again so I was feeling more emotional and sensitive than usual, but I also knew on a deeper level that I needed to reset some of these patterns and the only way was confronting them face on… and I did it! Woo!

“A RESET from the inside stems from a conscious decision to change something that is no longer a viable expression in your life. A RESET from the inside is an intention to get back into balance what feels out of balance.

I hear you! I have also been upset with myself that I haven’t had time to learn to play the guitar that I had intended this year or danced which is sooo necessary for my soul as I come alive when I dance…

“To express and give support to the RESET in this area it is important to do something new, try something new, dance, move your body, change your wardrobe, take up a new sport, change your hair, lose some weight or gain some weight, join a gym, or change your diet.

I have also had gut issues a lot and I know it’s all to do with my overactive mind and my anxiety that I hold in my gut… a recent relationship actually triggered so many of my old fears that I got gastro that night and something told me that it wasn’t food poisoning.. and then I read this today..

The challenges this month will be around teeth, bones, lungs and digestion. Remember that you cannot digest what is not yours.

“Tell the truth to yourself about what you have been carrying in your ‘gut’ that does not belong to you. RESET that pattern.”

So yes, this article SPOKE to me!!

And I hope it speaks to you!

Be kind when things get tough.. big things are happening, people are waking up and becoming more conscious, loving and compassionate. However, to reset, we need to process old hurts and let go of attachments! It ain’t easy.. but I keep telling myself it’ll be worth it!

If you resonate with having had a tough year emotionally and are also sensitive, this article ‘Are you an empath or just highly sensitive’ here actually made me feel a whole lot better!


I realised that perhaps all these sensitive, intense feelings were all part of my journey as I was becoming more conscious and aware. And they were also normal. So even in the dark times I could see the light.. even if oh so dimly at times! (Thanks friends for being there.. I really appreciate you and you know who you are!)

Wow, that was more of a share than I expected… bit scared to press publish.. but here goes! 🙂

Big hugs and love..Happy New Year!

Chrissie x


  • rceecee
    Posted January 7, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Your words are just what I needed to read. Thank you. I feel exactly the same most of the time. I am going through big changes myself right now, all of which have sent my ego into a spin. The timing of this article is perfect for me. Blessings.

    • chrissiealex
      Posted February 5, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      I am so glad you got something from it. It was a hard post to write. Thank you so much Chrissie 🙂

  • rceecee
    Posted January 7, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Your words are just what I needed to read. Thank you. I feel exactly the same most of the time. I am going through big changes myself right now, all of which have sent my ego into a spin. The timing of this article is perfect for me. Blessings.

    • chrissiealex
      Posted February 5, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      I am so glad you got something from it. It was a hard post to write. Thank you so much Chrissie 🙂

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