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coconut spice yoga naturopath meditation bondi

In the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Chrissie Coconut Spice will guide you on a journey to enjoy the many life-changing benefits of meditation

coconut spice yoga naturopath meditation bondi

s a naturopath & energy healer, I specialise in stress management and gut & adrenal issues and thus I love to combine my wisdom in all modalities to offer a holistic approach for mind, body & spirit. See more for my Holistic Yoga Coaching Packages

coconut spice yoga meditation bondi 21 days

Yoga retreats to help you to take time out, destress and unwind Deepen your yoga & meditation practice & meet like minded yogis

coconut spice yoga naturopath

Yoga is a traditional art that has been practised for thousands of years to relieve stress, expel negative energy, detoxify & nourish organs, build inner core strength, improve the function of the nervous system and enhance wisdom, fitness and flexibility.

Naturopath Bondi

Sick of feeling bloated? Want more energy? Dreading that ‘time of the month’?
Reacting to anything you eat?
I can help you with a full naturopathic consultation, going through your health history, family history, blood tests, diet. I use herbs, supplements, diet & lifestyle to help you back to optimal health.

Coconut spice Reiki Bondi

I’m very excited to now offer Reiki & Bodytalk energy healing. Much of my healing journey was using energy healing and kinesiology as well as natural medicine.