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My Happy Place! :)

I wrote a poem! I am not really one for just busting out a poem but I felt really inspired.
There was a lovely guy, Ryan, I met on a yoga retreat, who wrote a lot of poems and I was also playing car games with my wonderful nephews on the way to Brighton a couple of weeks ago and we were playing a game where you had to say a line at a time and make it rhyme! I must have been more inspired than I realised.
When I arrived in Greece in Thessaloniki I had a 7 hour layover to get to Greece to work with the refugees. All I wanted to do is get to a beach as the airport was tiny and not very inviting. I felt so relaxed and happy to have found a beach close to the airport that I just had to write down how wonderful it made me feel.
The beach! My happy place! 😀
So much beautiful space
To simply embrace 
Just being me – no putting on a brave face
Free to just ‘be’
Not needing to do or sightsee
Simply laying in the sun
Or in the waves – much more fun!
The exhilaration as I dive beneath the wave
Really makes this a true fave
The serotonin hit makes its mark
Fading away any feelings of dark
Playing like a mermaid or a dolphin
In this ocean we all play a part in
The salt, the sand, the blue
Makes me see it each time anew
The sounds of the calming waves
Crashing against the caves,
Lap gently onto the shore
Lulling me into a sleeping snore
Nowhere would I rather be
Than my happy place that brings me glee
Knowing at the end of a long day
I always have a place to lay ! 😀#chios #yogaeverydamnday #morningritual#oceanlover #mermaid #dolphin #clear#vitaminsea #myhappyplace

 — at Limnionas Beach

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