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Blossom into Spring with the Equinox

How amazing is this weather!? Spring is finally and officially here with the Spring Equinox today.

I just ran a lovely ‘Blossom in Spring with Ayurveda & Yoga’ workshop at Wylies Baths, while watching whales breaching and jumping next to dancing dolphins! There is definitely a sniff of smell in the air! 🙂

This is great news, however a change of seasons can also play havoc with our heath, bringing allergies, colds and flus.

In Ayurveda, they say we are all made up of the 5 elements that make up the doshas:
Vata – ether & air
Pitta – fire & water
Kapha – earth & water.

As the cold winter melts into a warmer Spring, it can cause excess fluid retention and mucus held in the chest and lungs, which is the seat of kapha, our earthy, watery matter and tissues. Allergies and cold/ flus can present if we have hibernated over Winter, and not been so active and getting fresh air into our lungs.

The strong September winds can also affect our vata dosha, making us feel a little spacey, irritable and anxious and is drying.

In TCM, Spring is the beginning of the season cycle, a time of birth, new beginnings and optimism and is governed by the wood element. This is the energy that brings forth new growth, grass, new branches and new leaves. Like nature, we need to slowly adapt and move with the seasonal rhythms and nourish ourselves appropriately.

The liver and gallbladder meridians dominate in Spring, hence it being a great time for fasting and detoxing the body to kickstart the metabolism after eating heavier, warmer foods during Winter and get that spring back into our step.

Here are a few tips to blossom into Spring..

  • Eat lighter foods
    • A lighter diet will help us to shed the winter coat and cleanse the body so we feel lighter in energy before summer hits.
    • Add some raw food to every meal to kickstart your digestion
    • Eat more green leafy vegetables and start to reduce the starchy foods
      • Some nourishing, warming foods are still good for Vata as we transition especially with the strong winds

  • Move the body
    • Dynamic yoga with twists, heart openers and core work is great to get the fire back in your belly and squeeze out any toxins built up from the colder months
    • A daily yoga practice can greatly contribute to increased stability and grounding, and can also assist in reducing anxiety and stress for vatas.
    • Get outside in nature and get some fresh air into your lungs to further expel the stagnant energy and ‘ama’ build up

  • Meditation & Breathing
    • Sitting and grounding can really help reduce vata anxiety in the strong winds
    • Strong breathing, Ujjayi & Kapalabhati helps to excrete toxins from the lungs
  • Drink lots of liquids
    • This helps to reduce any water retention and heaviness
    • Hot lemon with apple cider vinegar to get the digestive juices and the fire in the belly ‘agni’ going every morning is amazing
      • If you are hardcore you can add turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper and ginger for that extra hit to the metabolism

  • Do a liver cleanse
    • Great to clear out the toxins and heaviness from winter
    • There are beautiful herbs to really clean out that liver, including turmeric, bitters, rocket, dandelion leaves and even dandelion coffee
  • Kickstart your digestion
    • Add a spoonful of probiotic sauerkraut to every meal to aid digestion
    • Use warming spices, like cumin, coriander, ginger to your cooking to really warm up the pitta dosha and fire in your belly and speed up your digestion and liver
  • Try an Ayurveda ritual of detoxifying
    • The following ritual is a great way to rid the body of toxins by cleaning all the body’s elimination channels. Read more in my article here.
      • Washing ama from eyes and face
      • Tongue scraping to rid the tongue of toxins built up over night
      • Oil pulling draws toxins out of the mouth
      • Sesame oil massage draws toxins out of the organs and bones to the skin surface for elimination
      • Body Brushing helps to get the circulation going and helps toxin excretion out of the skin
      • Sauna helps to flush the body via the skin

Happy blossoming into Spring!

If you would like more information on workshops or would like to delve deeper into a Spring cleanse, I do full naturopathic consultations at Nimbus & Co and Natural Progression in Bondi.

Please pop in and see me or contact me here for more information.

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